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EDUC43: Educational attainment achieved in another Nordic country by country of residence, sex, time and region of education

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Data comprises the educations that the Nordic population has achieved in another Nordic country by the end of 2018. The highest degree of qualification has been chosen for the person in each country, but the person may have a degree from several countries.

Data has been generated by exchanging individual data between the Nordic Statistical Institutes.

Educational attainment of the total population aged 15+ as of 1 January. Data is compiled according to the ISCED 2011 classification (levels 3-4 and 5-8 i.e. at least upper secondary education).

ISCED: International Standard Classification of Education i.e. United Nation's system of classification of education. Initially adopted by UNESCO in 1976.

country of residence

Finland (country of residence)

Includes Åland.

Norway (country of residence)

Educational attainment for the total population aged 16+ as of 1 January.

Sweden (country of residence)

For residents in Sweden the data on education attained in Denmark refers to the resident population 2018 and educational achievement up to 2016.