PUBS10: General government revenue by reporting country, national accounts indicator, unit and time
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Million euro and million units of national currency
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Creation date
Eurostat [gov_10a_main] and National Statistical Institutes (Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland). Data retrieved from Eurostat: 20200626.


Data are compiled according to the methodological framework laid out in the European system of accounts, 2010 edition (ESA 2010). Main revenue and expenditure items of the general government sector and its subsectors. The institutional unitsincluded to general government sector according to ESA2010 are the following:
a) general government entities (excluding public producers organized as public corporations or, by virtue of special legislation, recognized as independent legal entities, or quasi-corporations, when any of these are classified in the non-financial and financial sectors) which administer and finance a group of activities, principally providing non-market goods and services, intended for the benefit of the community,
b) non-profit institutions recognized as independent legal entities which are other non-market producers and which are controlled and mainly financed by general government,
c) autonomous pension funds which fulfil each of the following criteria: by law or byregulation certain groups of the population are obliged to participate in scheme or to pay contributions, general government is responsible for the management of the institution in respect of the settlement or approval of the contributions and benefits independently from its role as supervisory body or employer.
reporting country
Faroe Islands
ESA1995 Latest data available: 2013
Not applicable: Other subsidies on production (receivable) 1995-2019.
Break in time series 2015 for Market output output for own final use and payments for other non-market output and Total general government revenue
Not applicable: Taxes, of which capital taxes (receivable) 2015-2019.
EA referes to the euro area, with a fixed area composition of the current 19 countries.
From June 2020: EU refers to EU27_2020, which is the European Union with a fixed area composition of the current 27 countries.