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LIFE02: Gap in life expectancy between men and women (number of years) by reporting country and time

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Nordic Statistics database [LIFE01], where the original sources are:
Eurostat [demo_mlexpec] (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, EU, EA).
Statistics Faroe Islands [HM01070_FD_LIVSAVI].
StatBank Greenland [BEXDT2A].
Delivered by National Statistics Institutes (Åland).
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Life expectancy at birth. The gap indicates the difference in years between men and women measured as the gap towards women (women tend to live longer). The life expectanxcy measures the average number of years that a person can expect to live, assuming that the mortality levels remain constant (i.e. the rates observed for the period under review). Thus, there are figures for mean life expectancy for each age.

Calculated based on LIFE01.

There are breaks in time series and some data points are estimated or provisional for the Eurostat sources, please refer to Eurostat (table: [demo_mlexpec]) for more information.

reporting country

Faroe Islands

The annual figures are fluctuating due to the relatively small population. The life expectancy figure are therefore smoothed to obtain a standardised figure showing the actual trend.The smoothing is done using the 'lowess' method (Locally WEighted Scatterplot Smoothing).


Includes Åland.


Five year averages i.e. 2015 = 2011-2015.


EA refers to the euro area, with a fixed area composition of the current 20 countries (from 2023).


From June 2020: EU refers to EU27_2020, which is the European Union with a fixed area composition of the current 27 countries.