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SOSU42: Voter turnout by reporting country and time

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Sökfält för att markera värden i listanDenmark , Faroe Islands , Greenland ,

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Sökfält för att markera värden i listan1990 , 1991 , 1992 ,

Valda 1 Totalt 33

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Presentation på skärmen är begränsad till 1 000 rader och 50 kolumner

Antal valda celler överstiger tillåtna 100 000
This is a vision indicator selected by the Nordic Council of Ministers. It relates to the target Peace, justice and strong institutions under the area A socially sustainable Nordic region.

Proportion of the eligible population who cast a vote (correct, blank and incorrect votes) in each election since 1990, in percent.

In the table, the Nordic Region is comprised of the following countries/areas: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

For more information on Our Vision 2030 and the indicators, please see this article.

Last observation carried forward is used as imputation method for the Nordic region average.

Please note that in this table, voting age population turnout is reported (calculated as the total number of votes cast (valid or invalid) divided by the Voting Age Population (VAP) figure, expressed as a percentage). The voting age population includes all citizens above the legal voting age. This differs from table 'ELEC01: Turn-out at elections to the national parliaments by reporting country, content and time', where voter turnout is reported as the total number of votes cast (valid or invalid) divided by the number of names on the voters' register, expressed as a percentage.

Voters on Åland are included in the elections to parliament in Finland. Elections on Åland refers to their autonomous parliament Lagtinget.