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PUBS14: General government surplus, deficit and debt by reporting country, national accounts indicator, unit and time

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Million euro, million units of national currency and percent of GDP
Eurostat [gov_10dd_edpt1], [nasa_10_f_bs], [gov_10a_main] (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, EU, EA).
Eurostat [gov_10dd_edpt1], [nasa_10_f_bs], [gov_10a_main] (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, EU, EA).
Delivered by National Statistics Institutes (Iceland).
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Sökfält för att markera värden i listanDenmark , Faroe Islands , Finland ,

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Sökfält för att markera värden i listanNet borrowing (-) or Net lending (+) , Consolidated gross debt , Financial assets ,

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The indicators are compiled on a national accounts basis. The National Accounts are compiled in accordance with the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010). Public debt is defined in the Maastricht Treaty as consolidated general government gross debt at nominal value, outstanding at the end of the year. The general government sector comprises central government, state government, local government, and social security funds. Data for the general government sector are consolidated between sub-sectors at the national level.

Assets: Accounting term used to designate application of capital in accounts, i.e. the value of property, operating resources, and amounts receivable. The opposite of liabilities.

Liabilities: Accounting concept that illustrates how the total capital (assets) is financed. The liability known as equity capital constitutes a residual between the other liabilities and assets.

reporting country

Faroe Islands

Statistics Faroe Islands has no official data available on financial accounts for general government except the variables 'Net borrowing (-) or Net lending (+)' and 'Net borrowing, % of GDP'. Statistics Faroe Islands aim to produce and publish the lacking statistics in the future.


Includes Åland.


Data has been changed back to 1998. New and revised figures for the entire time series provided from Statistics Iceland in June 2022.


EA refers to the euro area, with a fixed area composition of the current 20 countries (from 2023).


From June 2020: EU refers to EU27_2020, which is the European Union with a fixed area composition of the current 27 countries.